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Know your Produce... Extend the Label

Was there a time when your grandma served you breakfast with the most delicious fruits? When her Sunday dinners came alive with fresh vegetables? Is it time you discovered what she knew?


Come join us on our journey, where the simplicity of the past is preserved by the technologies of the future. Connect with your produce in a whole new way; using technology to return to old school values of knowing where your produce comes from and how it was grown.


Experience the first and only mobile application that scans your fresh produce! Just point at the barcode label and discover an extended label that provides a full picture from seed to table of the growing season of your food!


·         Get the nutritional facts


·         Learn about the grower


·         Know your food is safe


Gain an understanding of the farming techniques and values each grower uses to bring their best produce to market. Choose and support the growing practices you find most acceptable through your purchase choices – whether you lean toward organic and want only those growers USDA Organic certified or prefer to buy only from those growers that support ethical food production through proper worker wages and benefits. With knowledge comes the ability to make informed and better choices.


Bring the best produce to your table with confidence you are serving food meeting even grandma’s high standards.


Finally, learn grandma's favorite recipe. Share the experience and delight of that first bite with friends and greenScans.